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What ruins more composite AND alloy bats per year than anything? NOT hard hits. NOT misuse. NOT improper break in. Two words: Cold Weather.


Balls become more dense in cold weather and bats become more brittle. A recipe for disaster!

Luckily, our LongballBats.com "Pizza Delivery Bag" Dual Bat Warmer Package is now available! Doubling as a dugout organizer AND a bat warmer, an investment in keeping your bats warm during sub-60°F temperatures will pay for itself many times over. You'll enjoy the following:

  • Better Bat Performance: NO composite OR alloy bat performs to its potential in sub-60°F temperatures. Keep your bat warm and it'll perform to its potential!
  • Longer Bat Life: Did you know that most bat manufacturers don't recommend using their bats in sub-60°F temperatures? Cold composite bats break, cold alloy bats dent!
  • Better Protection: Two full length inner sleeves will keep your bats from hitting or rubbing on one another during transport, preventing damage
  • Premium Quality Materials: Our LongballBats.com "Pizza Delivery Bag" Dual Bat Warmer Package uses the highest quality materials!

What is included with the LongballBats.com "Pizza Delivery Bag" Dual Bat Warmer Package?

  • The Ultra-Premium BatSak Dual Bat Bag - fits any two Baseball or Softball (fastpitch or slow pitch) Bats up to 34" in length
  • A 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty - covers the bag itself from any manufacturer defects
  • Microwaveable/Reusable Warming Pads - two are included OR you can upgrade to four when you add to cart
  • LongballBats.com Instruction Guide to Cold Weather Swings - we are the bat performance experts, this instruction guide will make sure you're maximizing your experience

In-depth specifics about the BatSak Bat Carrier we build this package around:

  •  Made of Premium, Weather-Resistant 600D Polyester Insulated Fabric - yes, the same material that pizza delivery bags are made of
  • Two Completely Separated Bat Sleeves - to keep your bats from hitting or rubbing up against each other during transport
  • Fits ANY Two Baseball Or Softball Bats - any bat up to 34 inches in length and any barrel size up to 2-3/4 inches will fit perfectly
  • Zipper Closure top with Velcro Closure Flap On Top - helps keep your bats inside the bag, helps keep rain and dirt out
  • Vented Zipper Closure top - helps keep the right amount of heat inside the bag without temperatures getting TOO hot and causing damage
  • Sturdy Hook On Top with Long Strap On Back - hook is perfect for hanging from the fence during games or practice and strap is perfect for shoulder transport
  • Clear Window In Front to Display Player Card - helps players to quickly know whose bag is who when multiple teammates hang them from the fence
  • Convenient Zipper Pouch Toward Bottom - perfect for carrying essentials like batting gloves, phone, wallet, keys, etc.

In-depth specifics about the Heating Pads that we include:

Since the bag itself is so well insulated, the method of adding heat doesn't have to be complex! We include 2x Microwaveable/Reusable Warming Pads that measure 5" x 7" and are rated to provide up to 6 Hours of heat. When you add to cart, you can increase the amount of these Microwaveable Pads to 4 for an extra $30.00.

In addition, the bag itself is black which will help from a solar perspective when the sun is shining. Keeping your bats inside the bag will protect them from wind as well, maximizing the effects of the heat source(s) inside the bag.

A quick pre-launch test offered some impressive findings:

We plan many more tests in the future, of course, but in a quick indoor test, we were impressed with our findings! We started with two bats at 70°F indoor room temperature, inserted them inside the bag and inserted just ONE warming pad down inside one of the sleeves. After just 10 minutes, we used an Infrared Thermometer and measured the following:

  1. The Infrared Thermometer measured 70°F on the wall space right next to the bag (flap still closed.) Upon opening the flap and unzipping the bag a few seconds later, the material on the inside of the bag measured 75° on BOTH sides, interesting since the Warming Pad was attached to the inner lining on the far left side. This means that ONE Warming Pad warmed the air inside the entire bag a full 5°F in just 10 minutes! Imagine if we'd used two (one on either side) like we would during a normal batting practice or game?
  2. Upon removing the bats from the bag, the farthest side of the barrel of the bat farthest from the Warming Pad measured at 73°F. The closer side of the barrel measured 74°F. Again, these numbers are for the bat FARTHEST from the Warming Pad - there was a fabric divider and an entirely different bat between this bat and the Warming Pad!
  3. When we pulled out the bat closest to the Warming Pad, the barrel side farthest away measured at 79°F and got much hotter as the bat rotated - reading as high as 102°F on the side closest to the Warming Pad!

Yes, our LongballBats.com "Pizza Delivery Bag" Dual Bat Warmer Package increased the barrel temperature of the bat closest to the Warming Pad from 70°F to 102°F in just 10 MINUTES! Imagine what it'd have done with two properly placed Warming Pads - heck, imagine what it'd have done with four! Yes, this was an indoor test, which didn't take into account the colder starting temperatures that we'd see outside - but since it was an indoor test, we also didn't enjoy any of the added solar benefit of the sun shining on the bag, either.

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  • 5
    Worth the money!

    Posted by Tim Rich on Oct 31st 2023

    In Upstate NY, this bat warmer package has been a game changer for us. It perfectly keeps the bats warm (but not TOO warm) and allows them to work as designed even in colder temps. Love it!

  • 5
    Pizza delivery bat bag

    Posted by Jami Towne on Apr 10th 2023

    It works! 40° and windy, both bats were warm to the touch each time they were used, and they were used a lot. 3 games in one day over a 7 hour period.

  • 5
    Pizza delivery bag

    Posted by William spooner on Mar 3rd 2022

    Convenient for carrying two bats back and forth to games and separated sleeves are great for not scratching bats

  • 5

    Posted by Jon Carpenter on Feb 23rd 2022

    Very impressed with the quality of the bag and its ability to retain heat, even on cold days. Was a game changer during batting practice last weekend! The microwaveable pads are awesome. Thanks LBB!