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Ready to Ship YOUR Bats to us for Our Heat Roll with Progressive Pressure? Our 3-Step Process is Quick & Easy:

  1. PLACE YOUR ORDER: Place your order for our Heat Rolling Service by clicking here (order 1 service for each bat you're sending in.) Adjust the quantity in your cart to see the bulk discounts we offer! Send more than one bat to us at a time to save money, both on our fee and on shipping!
  2. PACKAGE YOUR BATS: Your local post office or UPS Store will have boxes that fit your bats if you don't have any. Print a copy of your order confirmation OR write a note referencing your order number and include it in the package.
  3. SHIP US YOUR BATS: You arrange and pay for shipping to us and we offer free shipping back to you as long as you're in the Continental USA (or you can pay for upgraded return shipping during checkout.) Make sure to include your order number in the package!

That's it! Once we receive your bats, we'll get to work on them and ship them back to you the very next day. Our system will email you tracking information as soon as your bats ship back to you and instructions for finding your video clips will be wrapped around the handles of the bats inside the package when it is delivered.

Our shipping address is as follows:, LLC (please be sure to include the company name)
124 Five Forks Dr Suite B178 (please be sure to include the suite number)
King NC 27021-1059

*Our call volume and workload are very high this time of year, and our staff is very specialized, thus very small. For the quickest response, we encourage you to email us at or by using the form below.

If you’re local and/or you prefer to drop your bat off in person, you may absolutely do so by following the instructions found here.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff with any questions you may have! We're always happy to help.