DISCONTINUED 2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat, -3 Drop, 2-5/8 in Barrel, BBATB3-23, WBL2643010

Louisville Slugger

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Off the charts swing speeds and exit velocities. The 2023 Atlas (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat from Louisville Slugger features a first-of-its-kind one-piece alloy design that optimizes wall thickness for maximum performance along the entire length of the barrel. The light-swinging profile of Atlas allows for extreme barrel control, and a Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) within the handle dramatically reduces vibration. This groundbreaking one-piece model, topped with a redesigned SPD-Gen2 End Cap, transforms swing speeds into easy power.

  • Brand: Louisville Slugger
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Barrel Size: 2-5/8 in
  • Certification: BBCOR
  • Drop: -3
  • EVOKE Alloy Barrel: designed using extensive player feedback and never-before-seen computer simulations, resulting in an optimized wall design
  • NEW SPD-Gen2 End Cap: designed to optimize barrel performance
  • Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip: designed to give players added tack and cushion to improve feel and bat control through the zone
  • Tuned Mass Damper: absorbs vibrations for an unbelievable feel with every swing—no matter where players make contact
  • Frame: One Piece Alloy
  • Series: Atlas
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Year Released: 2023
  • WBD2643010, BBATB3-23, WTLBBATB3-22
  • WBL26430102629, WBL26430102730, WBL26430102831, WBL26430102932, WBL2643010295325, WBL26430103033
  • Adding our Heat Roll with Progressive Pressure to your order may cause decertification, check with the governing body of your league for clarification

Manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, and grip weight may cause variations from the listed weight/Mass Index.

OPTION GUIDE: Should I order this bat stock/untouched or Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure?
If you order your new bat Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure, it will be delivered to you completely and evenly broken in. This process adds 20-40ft of distance to your solid hits, increases consistency, improves durability and adds 2-3 business days of lead time to your order. If you plan to use the bat in an official game or event, please verify the legality of our process with your league or sanctioning body before use. We (LongballBats.com) do not encourage the use of a Heat Rolled bat in any game or event where it is against the rules. Click here for details about our process!

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