2024 Anarchy Double Dip Cookie Dough Endloaded USA/ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat, 13 in Barrel, ASPDDCDA


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Barrel Size:
13 inch
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Available both stock/untouched and Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure - choose your preference during checkout!

Step up to the plate with the 2024 Anarchy Double Dip Cookie Dough Endloaded USA/ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat, a perfect blend of innovative technology and powerful performance. This bat, designed to satisfy your craving for victory, features X-Core Technology that amplifies the sweet spot for unmatched strength and responsiveness. With a generous 13-inch barrel, you'll enjoy an extended hitting zone, ensuring each hit is as precise and powerful as your favorite cookie dough treat.

The bat's two-piece design offers a harmonious feel, allowing for seamless swings that resonate with power across the field. Additionally, the .5oz end load adds an extra layer of power, enhancing your swings like chunks of cookie dough in ice cream—delightfully surprising and effective. Certified by ASA/USA, this bat meets the highest standards of performance and legality, making it a reliable choice for serious players.

Available in 26 and 27 oz options, the Anarchy Double Dip Cookie Dough allows you to select the ideal weight for your style, ensuring comfort and efficiency at the plate. Moreover, this limited edition bat, with only 50 units made, offers exclusivity and style, making it a coveted piece among players. Embrace the opportunity to own this unique bat and enjoy hitting that is as satisfying as indulging in your favorite sweet treat.
  • Brand: Anarchy
  • Diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Certification: ASA/USA
  • 2-Piece Composite Construction
  • X-Core Technology for maintaining a passing compression.
  • Optimized barrel size ensures an explosive sweet spot, allowing you to consistently make solid contact and deliver powerful hits.
  • Endloaded Swing Weight (.5 oz)
  • Warranty: NONE
  • Barrel Length: 13"
  • Year Released: 2024
  • Adding our Heat Roll with Progressive Pressure to your order may cause decertification, check with the governing body of your league for clarification

Manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, and grip weight may cause variations from the listed weight.

OPTION GUIDE: Should I order this bat stock/untouched or Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure?
If you order your new bat Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure, it will be delivered to you completely and evenly broken in. This process adds 20-40ft of distance to your solid hits, increases consistency, improves durability and adds 2-3 business days of lead time to your order. If you plan to use the bat in an official game or event, please verify the legality of our process with your league or sanctioning body before use. We (LongballBats.com) do not encourage the use of a Heat Rolled bat in any game or event where it is against the rules. Click here for details about our process!