2025 Louisville Slugger KRYO Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat, -9 Drop, WBL2991010

Louisville Slugger

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The 2025 Louisville Slugger KRYO Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat in a -9 drop offers a potent yet balanced swing weight, ideal for stronger hitters looking to make an impact on the field. With its innovative design and advanced technology, this bat is engineered to deliver unmatched performance, feel, and sound with every swing.

Featuring a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and balanced swing weighting, the KRYO bat ensures consistency and power at the plate. Its revolutionary GO-EX1 Barrel System, incorporating a composite gapped wall design and internal disc system, creates the largest sweet spot ever seen on a Louisville Slugger fastpitch bat. This technology enhances performance, providing hitters with the confidence to drive the ball with authority.

The bat's two-piece design, featuring the VTX Connection System, maximizes energy transfer and ensures a consistent feel on every swing. Paired with the GO-EX1 Barrel System, this construction delivers elite performance and optimal bat control, allowing hitters to generate maximum power and distance.

The XPND Performance End Cap further amplifies the bat's performance, expanding the sweet spot significantly and improving performance across the barrel. This innovative design ensures that hitters can make solid contact and drive the ball with precision and power.

With its updated Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip, the KRYO bat offers an ideal mix of tackiness and cushioning, providing players with a secure and comfortable hold. Legal for play in all fastpitch leagues and organizations, this bat comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing its quality and durability.

For middle-of-the-order run producers seeking a stiff feel and powerful performance, the 2025 Louisville Slugger KRYO Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat in a -9 drop is the ultimate choice. Unlock your full hitting potential and elevate your game with this exceptional bat.

  • Brand: Louisville Slugger
  • Sport: Fastpitch Softball
  • Drop: -9
  • GO-EX1 Barrel System: Incredible performance, feel and sound on every swing thanks to a high-performance gapped wall design working in collaboration with a bullet-proof internal disc system
  • VTX Two-Piece Construction: The two-piece design featuring the VTX Connection System, designed to work with the GO-EX1 Barrel System for elite energy transfer and consistent feel. Allowing for independent movement between the barrel and handle for a best-in-class feel with less vibration on contact.
  • XPND Performance End Cap: New, innovative patented design that creates a pivot for the barrel to float on, expanding the sweet spot significantly, improving performance and feel further out towards the end of the barrel
  • Balanced Swing Weight: An easy-swinging, balanced feel through the zone, helping all types of players deliver maximum pop.
  • Updated LS Pro Comfort Grip: for an ideal mix of tack and cushion
  • Year Released: 2024
  • WBL29910102332, WBL29910102433, WBL29910102534
  • Adding our Heat Roll with Progressive Pressure to your order may cause decertification, check with the governing body of your league for clarification

Manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, and grip weight may cause variations from the listed weight.

OPTION GUIDE: Should I order this bat stock/untouched or Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure?
If you order your new bat Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure, it will be delivered to you completely and evenly broken in. This process adds 20-40ft of distance to your solid hits, increases consistency, improves durability and adds 2-3 business days of lead time to your order. If you plan to use the bat in an official game or event, please verify the legality of our process with your league or sanctioning body before use. We (LongballBats.com) do not encourage the use of a Heat Rolled bat in any game or event where it is against the rules. Click here for details about our process!

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