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DISCONTINUED 2021 DeMarini Dale Brungardt Signature USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat, 13.0 in Barrel, WTDXNAB-21

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Barrel Size:
13.0 inch

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Available both stock/untouched and Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure - choose your preference during checkout!

When Dale Brungardt steps in, opponents get chills down their spine. Introducing the 2021 DeMarini Dale Brungardt Signature Slowpitch Bat, the endloaded monster you've come to love in an icy new look.

  • Brand: DeMarini
  • Barrel Diameter: 2-1/4 in
  • Certification: USSSA, 1.20BPF, ISA, NSA
  • Barrel Material: Composite
  • Year Issued: 2021
  • Endloaded Swing Weight
  • 13.0" Barrel
  • Continuous Fiber Barrel offers consistently high performance from the first hit to the last
  • ZnX Alloy Handle provides increased stifness and durability, meaning less flex in the handle and more deflection for improved barrel performance
  • Frame: Two-piece
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • WTDXNAB 2634-21, WTDXNAB 2734-21, WTDXNAB 2834-21, WTDXNAB 2934-21

Manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, and grip weight may cause variations from the listed weight/Mass Index.

OPTION GUIDE: Should I order this bat stock/untouched or Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure?
If you order your new bat Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure, it will be delivered to you completely and evenly broken in. This process adds 20-40ft of distance to your solid hits and adds 2-3 business days of lead time to your order. This process is undetectable, but if you plan to use the bat in an official game or event, you should verify legality with your league or sanctioning body. We ( do not encourage the use of a Heat Rolled bat in any game or event where it is against the rules. The vast majority of new bats that we sell are Heat Rolled with Progressive Pressure. Click here for details about our process!

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